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MasterFont Desktop Fonts Agreement

Masterfont Standard License Agreement

Number of Computer Stations: 5

  1. Masterfont Ltd. is the developer of stylized typefaces containing various graphic elements or the owner of the exclusivity rights thereof. Masterfont is also the owner of all the rights in the software files of these stylized typefaces which are Open Type Standard (hereinafter: "the Fonts") for computers and printers.

  2. Masterfont owns the rights to use the Fonts. The authorized user (hereinafter: "the Licensee") hereby purchase a non exclusive license to use solely the Fonts indicated in the Licensee's order form. These Fonts are marked by a personal confidential number in order to indentify the Licensee. It is hereby declared that nothing in this agreement is or shall be deemed to transfer the ownership of the Fonts to the Licensee.

  3. The Fonts are provided to the Licensee "As Is" for personal or commercial use as specified in the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  4. The right to use the Fonts is provided solely to the Licensee and its employees at the Licensee's address detailed above and the use shall be limited to 5 computers (or more if the order form specifically indicated otherwise). Any use of the Fonts extending beyond the permitted quantity of computers is strictly forbidden and requires the advanced written approval of Masterfont.

  5. The Licensee is entitled to include the Fonts in a website as a secure picture file only (e.g. JPEG file), and in an electronic document that is in a read-only format (e.g. PDF file), that does not permit editing or the extraction of the Fonts files from the document.

  6. This Agreement does not grant the Licensee the right to install the Fonts whether on a server or a web server, and display the Fonts on a site as a live text (enabling typing, marking and copying). In order to conduct these actions the Licensee is required to purchase a specific license (Masterfont Professional License).

  7. This Agreement does not grant the Licensee the right to attach or include the Fonts in computer files and/or software and/or applications. In order to conduct these activities the Licensee is required to purchase a specific license.

  8. The terms of this Agreement shall relate to any of the Fonts indicated at the time of purchase and does not confer the right to be replaced by other Fonts. By signing this Agreement the Licensee confirms the purchase of the license regarding these Fonts.

  9. Masterfont shall provide technical support services regarding the use of the Fonts amounted to an hour with no associated costs. The Fonts are intended to operate in a work environment (i.e. operating system and software) that supports the Hebrew language. Technical support services regarding the use of the Fonts in other work environments (including Freehand) shall not be granted by Masterfont. Technical support services will also not be granted in regard to photos.

  10. Masterfont shall not be held liable for any damages, whether directly, indirectly, incidental or consequential arising from the use of the Fonts' files. Masterfont does not warrant that the Fonts will fulfill the requirements of the Licensee, and in any event that the Font supplied to the Licensee is improper the Licensee shall approach Masterfont directly in order to receive a "replacement copy" of the Font.
    The license granted to the Licensee shall be personal, non- transferable, non-assignable license. The Licensee hereby declares and agrees to refrain from selling, renting, transferring or delivering the Fonts to any third party in any manner whatsoever. Distributing and/or selling and/or transferring the Fonts (including open files intended for continuation of a work) constitute a violation of the law and might result in taking legal actions.

  11. The license is subject to the full payment of the license fee to Masterfont. In any event that the license fee hasn't been paid in full by the Licensee, the license shall expire immediately. The terms of payment are as indicated in the Fonts' order form.

  12. The Licensee undertakes to take any necessary means to protect the Fonts licensed to him in order to prevent the copying thereof.

  13. By signing this Agreement the Licensee authorize the transmission of emails from Masterfont in order to transfer Font files to the Licensee, and in order to update the Licensee regarding Masterfont's special offers and new products. The Licensee also authorizes Masterfont to store information regarding the Licensee solely for the purpose of improving Masterfont's services.

  14. In the event that the Licensee breach any of the provisions of this Agreement, Masterfont reserves the right to file a civil claim against the Licensee for any damages occurred to Masterfont by the breach.

  15. It is hereby declared and agreed that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel and the competent courts of Tel Aviv shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in regard to any conflict and/or claim relating to this Agreement.

Appendix – Koren Tanakh
The user agrees that the Koren Tanakh typeface will not be used for any publication of a Bible or Humash in its entirety

Any publication with the Koren Tanakh typeface must contain the following credit:
This text was typeset in the Koren Tanakh typeface, © Koren Publishers, Jerusalem Ltd. digitized by Masterfont Ltd.