Monokrom has published 5 typefaces from 1 designers

MONOKROM TYPE FOUNDRY is an independent Norwegian type foundry established in 2012 by the type designers Frode Bo Helland and Sindre Bremnes, designing and marketing original type designs with a Nordic touch.

Rooted firmly in the respect for typographic handicraft traditions, the foundry aims to build upon this foundation for a new era, developing and challenging established norms in order to create something new and lasting for today’s and tomorrow’s technology.

Monokrom’s main focus is text faces, mostly avoiding the flashy ornamentation in favor of maximum legibility under different circumstances. In order to put quality first, most of Monokrom’s typefaces are designed with a particular purpose in mind – small or large point sizes, print or screen.

All Monokrom typefaces actively support a wide range of languages, with special glyphs for practically every existing language utilising the Latin alphabet. Our typefaces fully support Unicode Latin A Extended, combining diacritics, the typographically sane part of Unicode Latin B Extended, and a selection of glyphs from Latin Extended Additional.

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View End User License Agreements for Monokrom