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profonts is a digital type company based in Norderstedt near Hamburg, Germany. profonts' mission is to release a beautiful series of script and display designs, in OpenType with all the features making scripts so easy to handle and so wonderful to print. Though a new foundry, established in 2005, profonts are very experienced making fonts: they are directed by Peter Rosenfeld and Dr. Jürgen Willrodt, both of URW++. All the fonts released by profonts cover the full Latin character set including Central Europe, the Baltic Rim, and Turkey. Besides, many of the script designs like Laramie, Sonora, Valentine etc. come with over 1000 glyphs in each font using the OpenType technology to swap in special ligatures to get a true joined-up look. Some profonts typefaces include Greek and/or Cyrillic, like e. g. Euroscript or EuroSans.

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profonts End User License Agreements

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