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Type Mafia is a typographic design studio specializing in developing original, contemporary typefaces. These are published for retail sale or are custom designed to suit clients’ specific needs. Type Mafia likes to solve problems and make their client’s lives easier, rather than inventing for the sake of it. This means they always design with one or several purposes in mind, like reading flawlessly. The mafia is also driven by an obsessive attention to detail and aesthetics; ranging from perfecting the smoothest curve, to developing new features like Smart Capo™. Details are not just details, they make the design.

Being a small independent company, it allows to closely partner with clients and provide them with the highest level of personal service. Besides, The Mafia naturally wants to know who they’re welcoming into the family.

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Gerben Dollen
Type Mafia 2009
12 styles from $45
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