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Urtext Music Fonts began when we sought to publish a collector's edition of transcriptions from J.S. Bach. We could not find a commercial music font that matched the quality of the private fonts controlled by the major music publishers, so we created our first designer-quality music font: Kapellmeister, based on the classic musical typography of the historic Bach-Gesellschaft edition of Bach's complete works.

Since then we have added designs based on Baroque, Classical and 19th century musical editions, as well as modern styles. Now musicians, composers, teachers and students can create musical scores to rival those of the major publishing houses.

Urtext Fonts are compatible with most scorewiters, including Sibelius(tm) and Finale(tm). All font packages contain a complete music font as well as supplementary fonts with ornaments as well as special text characters—over 275 characters in most designs. Both OTF and TTF formats are included. Tablature fonts are in production, and in 2013 we will be releasing classic music text fonts to ensure a consistent look to your scores.

Urtext Music Fonts End User License Agreements
Urtext Music Fonts End User License Agreements

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