VetteLetters has published 24 typefaces from 6 designers

If all other type foundries are like haute cuisine restaurants, then VetteLetters is the font-imbiss in the world of exclusive and expensive font foundries. VetteLetters is based in Amsterdam, loves food and loves fonts. So let us introduce our chefs: After a wonderful career as a dishwasher, assistant cook, somewhat of a designer and typographer, Donald® Roos is currently one of the CEOs of VetteLetters. Donald DBXL Beekman is ‘the other Donald’ and also the other CEO. DBXL is known to produce as many typefaces as Prince makes records. Jacques ‘Sardines’ Le Bailly, also known as the Baron von Fonthausen, is Chief Type Tech. Dev. Dept. and we have Martin ‘TwoPoints’ Lorenz, baking his fonts in the lovely climate of Barcelona. All share a preference for tastiness, both in food and fonts. The latest addition to the VetteLetters stable is Henning Brehm aka “Design Tourist” hailing from Berlin.

VetteLetters End User License Agreements
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VetteLetters End User License Agreements

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