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TypeNotes issue no. three

Festive Holiday Fonts

December 08, 2014 by
David Sudweeks
David Sudweeks

It’s around this time each year the rescued poinsettia on my desk in the San Francisco office starts to push out its tiny red leaves, signaling the end of Thanksgiving and a start to the larger Christmas / Hanukkah / New Years holiday season.

Welcome back …

December 01, 2014 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

… to the real typographic life.

Twenty-five years ago when FontShop first launched, we sent out printed collateral that allowed customers to judge typefaces in their original form. Then along came the Internet, forcing us to show pictures of typefaces (as GIFs) on the FontShop website rather than the fonts themselves.

However, today marks the beginning of a whole new era for users. For the time has come for us to finally be able to show fonts in their element, live and optimized for the screen. This means saying goodbye to simulation and hello to the power of true typographic magic, from now on what you see is quite literally what you get.

From compressed light to extended ultra – Visual systems in type designs

November 30, 2014 by
Ferdinand Ulrich
Ferdinand Ulrich

A typeface is a system in itself: a number of individual characters are designed to relate to each other to perform rhythm and consistency – a carefully balanced relation of form and counter form, black and white. Hermann Zapf once said: “I could try to draw each letter so that it stood in graceful relation to the other twenty-five.” 1 While less than 100 glyphs within a single font (a California Job Case consisted of 89 compartments) was common at the time of his statement (1965), over 1,000 has become a rather usual number of glyphs in recent years. What’s more, the demand on this system of relationships immediately increases with the designer’s decision to add further weights, widths or styles. Each glyph then has to successfully function in additional variations, which all share basic characteristics to form a harmonious and consistent visual system.

At Home With Lukas Schneider

August 12, 2014 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

We recently popped over to Frankfurt am Main to pay a visit to FF Utility designer Lukas Schneider for our latest installment of the ‘At Home With’ series.

From the images of Lukas in his home it is clear to see how his lifestyle transcends into his type design. Contemporary, creative and clear are descriptions that can be applied to both Schneider’s typeface and home, showing that in this case life truly reflects art!

Type Essays

FF Franziska For Bündner Tagblatt

The story of FF Franziska’s creation and how it was adopted for the redesign of the Bündner Tagblatt

July 18, 2014 by
Yves Peters
Yves Peters

Type is a crucial element in the branding of a newspaper. It defines the atmosphere of the publication, its visual style. It can make the text sound a tad more authoritative, a little friendlier, a smidgen more serious. And if the newspaper is set in one single type family for the entire typographic palette from headlines to the small print, the type effectively becomes its voice. Even before it was released under the FontFont banner, Hamburg-based information designers Christian Hruschka and Stefan Semrau used Jakob Runge’s Franziska for the new Bündner Tagblatt. The modern, fresh layout won the European Newspaper Award 2013 in the category of Typography. I interviewed Jakob Runge about the creation of his typeface, and twotype design’s Christian Hruschka about its application in the award-winning redesign of the newspaper. All images are from the development of the type family.