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Introducing SST

June 19, 2017 by Fontshop Team

Work on the SST® typeface began with a brief drawn jointly by Sony and Monotype’s design teams, a sans with both humanist and grotesk elements made to function reliably on screen, on the surfaces of physical products and on paper, in multiple language systems.

Foundry Focus | TypeTogether

June 07, 2017 by Fontshop Team

TypeTogether is cultivating a formidable library of fonts, from its founders Veronika and José, greats like Gerard Unger, and — we’re pleased to say — many young voices new to the type community. Take a look at two of their most recent releases. An able sans for wayfinding that fits quite a few briefs, and a pleasant text face for UI work and long reads on-screen.

Have Fun with LiebeGerda

April 06, 2017 by
Peter Glaab
Peter Glaab

Berlin-based illustrator and font designer Ulrike Rausch designs fun handwriting and icon fonts under the font label LiebeFonts. Her most recent release, LiebeGerda, is a brush font that imitates perfectly a lively script. In this tutorial, I will show how the clever OpenType features of LiebeGerda are used for revamping the headlines of the German food magazine “Fischbrötchen Deluxe”.

Marina Chaccur on calligraphy, lettering and type

April 04, 2017 by
David Sudweeks
David Sudweeks

David Sudweeks interviews Marina Chaccur on the impossible task of separating lettering from its related disciplines, and how her work has changed since the lettering boom.

Martina Flor on lettering and her career

March 21, 2017 by
David Sudweeks
David Sudweeks

David Sudweeks interviews Martina Flor on establishing herself as a lettering artist, and on which experiences led to her success so far.