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Sell your fonts at FontShop

Two ways to apply: Become a FontFont Designer or apply as a Type Foundry

Become a FontFont Designer

1. Submission
1. Submission

To submit your type design to the FontFont TypeBoard, send us a specimen (PDF).

2. Review
2. Review

The FontFont TypeBoard meets twice a year to review all the submissions.

3. Accepted
3. Accepted

If your typeface has been accepted for the FontFont library we will help you completing your fonts until publication.

4. Published
4. Published

We will be eager to promote the new FontFonts or foundries on our websites, in newsletters and social media.


TypeBoard Submission Checklist

  • Typeface name
  • Sample phrase (eg, Handgloves 1284)
  • Character set
  • Sample text 12-14 pt
  • Overview of weights and widths
  • Your typeface has special characters such as dingbats, symbols and arrows? Display them as well.

Sell With Us as a Type Foundry

Simply send us your catalog (PDF) or a link to your website. After your submission has been reviewed by our board of type experts, we will send you our feedback by email. If we accept your fonts, we will inform you about contract details and the procedure for adding fonts to If you have questions and want more information, send us an email.

Submit Here

To submit a typeface to our FontFont library or a foundry to, simply send us an email with your attachments, or click on the button below.

You can send printed material to the following address:

FontShop by Monotype GmbH
Ugla Marekowa
Bergmannstr. 102
10961 Berlin

Why FontShop?

For over 25 years, FontShop has been the foremost font resource for creative professionals, serving the demanding typographic needs of graphic designers, brand consultants, publishers, advertisers and marketing specialists across the globe. Under the motto “by designers for designers”, we established our own FontFont Type Library, the world’s largest selection of contemporary type designs. In the same spirit, we also expertly hand-picked our wide array of third-party fonts, uniting diverse but like-minded foundries that we offer under one single high-quality shop. Our claim: pure excellence in design and technology.

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