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Juan Villanueva

Juan Villanueva

Juan Villanueva is a Brooklyn-based typeface designer, lettering artist, and educator. Originally from Peru, he grew up in Clifton, NJ and has a BFA in Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation from Montclair State University. He is a proud graduate of the Type@Cooper Extended Program. He currently spends his days designing typefaces at Monotype and teaching typography at The City College of New York. He has also taught graphic design at the Cooper Union Summer Art Intensive Program. He is an active member of AIGA/NY, and is also on the board of the Type Directors Club and the Society of Scribes in New York City.

Carl Crossgrove, Charles Nix, Justus Erich Walbaum, Juan Villanueva and Lynne Yun
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Carl Crossgrove, Karl Leuthold and Juan Villanueva
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