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Viktor Nübel

Viktor Nübel

Viktor Nübel is a graphic designer living and working in Berlin seeing the city as a constantly changing, never-ending source of inspiration, full of graphical expressive diversity. He is exploring in the field of typography and type design since school days and interested in nearly every form of letter-making and letter-shaping.
Viktor studied graphic design at the “design akademie berlin” where he graduated with the thesis “Type Attack!”. He made an internship at MetaDesign and FontShop International and worked for FontShop’s international design conference TYPO Berlin.
He has various independent clients and is dividing his time between working with letters and designing or developing websites. Sometimes he can even combine both: He created the web application ‘¿©hara¢ter(s)!-A typographic cheat sheet’ and ‘FontDrop!’. Specialized in web design, logotypes, visual identities and type design, he also offers typographic consultancy for publishing houses.

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