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FF Dax

The FF Dax Super Family was designed by Hans Reichel and published by FontFont.

Hans Reichel
FontFont 2005
14 styles from $55
Hans Reichel
FontFont 1995
36 styles from $49
Hans Reichel
FontFont 2003
6 styles from $49
Hans Reichel

Hans Reichel

Hans Reichel (1949-2011) was a musician, instrument builder, graphic designer and type designer. Designers and typographers know him as the creator of the popular Barmeno and the world-renowned FF Dax family. For more than 30 years he’d made a name for himself as an accomplished acoustic and electric guitar player. He was also the inventor of the Daxophone, an instrument where thin strips of wood are played with a bow to mimic animal sounds and human voices.
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