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Tipos Latinos 2014

Jury selections from Tipos Latinos’ Sixth Biennial Conference on Latin American Typography held in Valparaiso, Chile, 11–13 March 2014.

Last edited December 14, 2015
Editorial Beauties
16 families
Sabine Gruppe
This is my Next
23 families
Nikolaus Alexander Stohn
TDC2 2014 Award Winners
3 families
FontShop Team
Reverse Contrast
22 families
Yves Peters
Square Slab
23 families
David Sudweeks
ISTD 2014 Award Winners
10 families
FontShop Team
Writer Guy Xmas 2014
13 families
Rob Sweetten
Typefacts | The Best Fonts of 2014
16 families
Christoph Koeberlin